How To Start a Business With the Lowest Risk Possible

The Plan

Before starting any business or making a long road trip across country, you must prepare yourself. You have to make yourself aware of the risks involved. That being said, there are many risks that are involved in starting your business. This will vary depending on what kind of business you are getting into. Coming up with an idea is not the easiest thing that comes natural for many. What I suggest if you don’t have an idea is to find a common problem that you or other people can relate to. Something that someone is already paying for or something you would pay for yourself. Business is all about solving problems. The bigger the problem is, the more difficult the solution is which translates to higher pay for products and services. The questions that you should consider are . .

- Is there a need for my service/product?

- Who needs my service/product

- Who is my competition?

- How much are people buying these products/services for right now? Find something that you are good at or would like to become good at that requires little to no money upfront. For an example, web/graphic design, business consulting, advertising and many others. Of course learning the tools will cost you time. Learn to prioritize your time to learn a skill that will bring you income . . . and stay consistent.


In 2013, Apple went from 3-D to flat logo design in their iOS 7 update. Why is that? It’s not just because it looks better, it’s because it makes logos easier to understand and recognize. Look at any application on you phone right now. You see simple and easy to identify images that we can relate to in real life. That is how your logo should be. People should be able to recognize your products and the associated brand from a mile away. Your logo should tell anyone who you are, what kind of service you provide and the kind of products you sell all in one picture with nothing more than 2 words. No words is even better unless the logo contains a name like “Coca-Cola” or “Wal-Mart”.

Color choice also tells a lot about your brand and can influence the feelings of your audience. Be sure to choose colors that best represent your personality, service that the company offers and the demographic that you’re targeting. For example, most makeup products contains pink, white and black to appease the female audience. Lawn service companies may use browns and greens to show the public what kind of service they offer and the associated products that they work with. Red and blues would not make a great choice for a lawn service business for the fact that those colors are not related in lawn care or “earth products”. When you get a chance, Google “colors in psychology” to get a deeper understanding and example of what I’ve mentioned above.

Online Presense

Having a website is what is going to help you stand out in the market. Having a place where you can post all your content and products in one place will benefit your business in 3 ways.

1. No Limits — Some online services don’t allow you the freedom to post your social links, blogs and content like you would on your own website.

2. No competition — Unlike websites like Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram,which are excellent branding platforms, they contain millions of channels and accounts that can distract your audience from your brand.

3. Fully customizable — Using templates are great to start off with but getting something that you can customize to your liking makes all the difference. It wil be a way to fully identify yourself from your competitors. You don’t want to me compared to another brand.

Having social accounts will do you justice. Use them to market your website to increase traffic and leads. There are so many free ways to drive traffic to your website. Paying for traffic will get you even better results.


Something that I can’t stress enough. You must engage with your audience.Let them know that you actually care about them, their interests and needs. No one follows instagram profiles just because they exist. They follow them because they offer value. Whether it’s entertainment or educational, people want value in their life. Never engage with anyone for the first time with the intent to sell them something. Of course, you’re in the business to make money. In order to make money and make people want to give you their money, you have to gain their trust. To them, you are just like any other brand out there that thinks they have the best product or service. You must prove that you have the better product and service even though you may not. No one has the best products or services. That is just an opinion. Here are my 3 steps to selling from the Aristolte theory.

1. Convince the consumer why you should buy your product. Use reviews and testimonials and show that to the consumer some kind of way. Like on a website footer or on a review form for your business. Don’t have any? No problem! Do some free work and earn them. Plain and simple.

2. Tell the consumer that you can and absolutely will solve their problem. Be confident, speak your mind and take control. Be fearless when telling them they are doing something wrong. The consumer can sense your lack in confidence in your product. When they do, they are less likely to buy. Don’t be aggressive either, that will just scare them off.

3. Use logic. For example, convincing a buyer to purchase snow tires before traveling to up north before a winter storm. Sometimes this is not even required. Most people never buy on logic. Look at the USA credit card debt crisis and you can see what I mean. Millions of people buy a bunch of stupid s*it that they can’t afford and feel good about it. Using logic to why they should buy the product is like icing on the cake.


What good is learning something and not putting it into use? Good question. Now that you know the basics of getting yourself started as an entrepreneur, it’s time to create a schedule for yourself to make content and engage with your followers/fans/customers. Every business is different and so are their audience’s behavior. Study the audience you want to target. Yes, I know you don’t have an audience yet. In the meantime, look at your competitors and notice what they are doing, how they are doing it and when they are engaging with their audience. As you begin to study their behavior, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to do.


A business doesn’t grow over night. If you downloaded this book to find out how to make $100,000 in the next month, we’ll you have been sadly mistaken and obviously you are not going into the business with the right mindset. Can you make $100,000 in the next month? Yes, yes you can but also be realistic with yourself. Do you spend more time reading this kind of literature than you do applying what you learn? Your sucess is in YOUR hands. You have control of your future. Just rememeber, the longer you wait the less time you have to make an incredible change for yourself and the rest of the world. For more information like this and business development services, visit Thanks for reading! Now go out there and do something great!

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