Javascript Project: Slot Machine

My logic to creating a slots emulator using Javascript

Creating the variables for the slot images

First, we will need to declare the the images into a variable and then store them into an array.

Don’t be scared! It looks long and squiggly because of the links. These are where the images are located online. I do recommended hosting them locally. I just used links because I was lazy. Now, we need to store them into an array. Here’s an example below.

Start Game Function

For every reel, I have created a time interval that stop the function after the counter variable has reached a specific number. The counter is set at zero and a 1 is added every 10 milliseconds. While counter is less 140 in this case, epromA the random number variable selects an item the array based on the index value. I have repeated this same context for the other two slot reels.

Win Conditions

Before the ending of the 3rd slot reel, the random number variables for all the reels are compared for wins using if/else statements. You can pretty much set it to what ever you like. I also have the slot machine deduct a number of credits at the begining. If there are no wins, no credits are added.

That’s pretty much it. This is another method of simulating a slot machine with animating a wheel effect which may be difficult for new programmers. There are many ways to make a slot machine using Javascript. No right or wrong way, as long as it works and you like it.

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