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As a web application developer, you will run into situations where you need to understand complex problems and create seamless solutions for them. In my case, I am now working with a framework ( similar to many out there ) that will require me to utilize the state management pattern.

What is the State?

The state is the single source of truth that drives the application. Here is where any component throughout your entire application can receive and manipulate data.

Without Vuex, your component will have its own version of the state, and changing that will also affect the truthfulness of the current state…

Today, I decided to build a Vuex shopping cart and ran into reduces. I had no idea how this worked 5 mins prior to me writing this blog post .

The Toddler explanation

What the reducer does is return a single value from an array in any data type, whether it’s a sting, boolean, number, etc. In the example below we have an array and a high order function.

const numbers = [1,2,3,4,5,3,2,1]const reducer = (acc, val) => acc + valconsole.log(numbers.reduce(reducer) )

This is straight from the Mozilla docs but I felt that the explanation is quite vague for beginners.


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I have been looking all over the internet just for a simple feature that is so common but I have yet to find an article that teaches you how to build this system in plain English.

“When I do things myself, it’s done correctly.”

The above quote is a phrase I commonly say to myself when dealing with issues or building custom features for my websites and applications.

So what exactly will we be coding today?

This small project we’re building today will allow the user to pedantically filter the requested products based on the query created from the currently checked check-boxes. …

Understand the art of writing high- converting ad copy and creating landing pages that make consumers go nuts.

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Why You’re Not Making Sales

This is an issue a lot of business owners face at some point in time. You would think that the product or service that you’re selling will no doubt sell itself.

As you notice, your competitors can’t seem to stay in stock due to the high demand for this product but when it comes to getting people to buy from you, there is little success. You begin to sit and wonder, “why isn’t anyone buying from me?”.

The way you advertise your…

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The splice()method allows you to make changes to the contents of an array by removing or replacing existing elements and/or adding new elements in place. If you’re building out a website or application that allows users to type and search for things, assist them in finding products based on their needs and wants and many other things. Arrays can be used for many other things rather than filters. Arrays have their place in a lot of server-side programming as well.

Splice accepts three parameters, which are the arguments that this method will take to complete your requested task(s).

Start — optional

“Start” is…

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I couldn’t be more honest with you. I used to be terrified of doing fetches. Then there came the point of my life when I actually needed to use it. Just in case you’re like me, I’ll break it down in my simplest words.

What is Fetch?

Fetch is a built-in feature in modern Javascript that interacts with data with HTTP requests. You can use this to get data from different web applications or even post new data to your own!

Find a reliable API Endpoint

As a forewarning, I would strongly advise you not to use APIs that are deprecated, that hasn't been updated in years or…

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This has been a really rough year am I right? It wouldn’t be in your best interest to argue with me on that. Even with all the crap that is going on now, lets have some fun with it. Let’s build a COVID 19 tracker for your state/country/providence using Chart.js.


A mid-level understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, ES6 and using fetch to obtain API data is all you need for this one. I won’t build using a framework since I want this to be novice-friendly.

Creating the project


Choose any place on your computer and make a folder with the following files included…

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Hey there! It’s Christopher. I have been avoiding this topic for a while because of fear. Haha, I enjoy admitting my weaknesses so it can help you too! Promises are used in asynchronous Javascript and it allows your program to continue functioning without a stall due to a code block not completing its task(s).

Think of how a restaurant operates. Imagine if every waiter only waited for 1 table at a time? Lines will be longer since there won't be as many tables and seats available and people will begin to complain about long waiting times. They are called waiters…

How To Start a Business With the Lowest Risk Possible

The Plan

Before starting any business or making a long road trip across country, you must prepare yourself. You have to make yourself aware of the risks involved. That being said, there are many risks that are involved in starting your business. This will vary depending on what kind of business you are getting into. Coming up with an idea is not the easiest thing that comes natural for many. What I suggest if you don’t have an idea is to find a common problem that you or other people can relate…

My logic to creating a slots emulator using Javascript

Creating the variables for the slot images

First, we will need to declare the the images into a variable and then store them into an array.

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